Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions were last modified on 23rd May, 2017

This page informs you of our terms and conditions of sale. Waterline Tanks will not be liable for any injury to persons, damage to property or for any consequential loss of damage to failure of any tank manufactured or supplied directly or indirectly by us, to warranty claimants except as herein stated.

Aquaplate Tank Warranty

The 20 year warranty on the Aquaplate steel component of your tank is covered by BlueScope Steel and is subject to the conditions set out in their official warranty card. If any claim arises, the tank in question must be returned at the owner’s expense to our factory for inspection and repair.

Construction Warranty

Waterline Tanks warrant tanks manufactured by us for a period of ten years against defects in workmanship and/or material on a pro-rata basis, with respect given to the particular installation and conditions.

Poly tank and Modular Tank Warranty

The warranty on poly and modular tanks is covered entirely by the individual manufacturer, subject to the terms and conditions set out in their official literature.

Tank Sites and Stands

Waterline Tanks cannot be held responsible of failure of any tank due to any insufficient support under the base thereof. If unsure as to the requirements, please request our information sheets.

Water Pumps

Pumps are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and must be returned at the owner’s expense to our factory for repair.

Title To Goods

Goods remain the property of Waterline Tanks until payment is made in full.