Stormwater Detention Systems

Any size or shape tank can be modified to detain stormwater. Two standard options available are:

  1. Complete volume of tank is used for detention. The rain from the roof area of a building is collected in the tank. The tank is set up to release the collected water slowly over a set period of time, rather than letting the roof run into the stormwater drains. This alleviates the possibility of the system not being able to keep up with large amounts of water.
  2. Combined water storage tank and detention system. The bottom portion of the tank is used for normal use – watering the garden or flushing toilets, while the top half provides for the specified detention volume. On residential buildings it is possible to combine two systems into one tank. Stormwater detention and toilet flushing to achieve a 5-star energy rating

Send us your specifications and let us do the calculation and provide a design ready for your hydraulic engineer’s approval.